Hibiscus & Ginger Tea – Home Tea

Hibiscus & Ginger Tea – Home Tea

I’ve always found myself incredibly attracted to Hibiscus. The colour, the smell, and the beautiful full dried flower you can make gorgeous tea from. This was no coincidence. My body and my intuition was drawing me towards Hibiscus as a medicine. Each time I felt pangs for the amethyst colour tea, I was low in energy and spirits. I needed a boost.

The soothing qualities of Ginger are well-known among many cultures, so I’ll zone in the Hibiscus flower today. The medicinal qualities are vast from strengthening your immune, relieving symptoms of PMS, enhancing digestion & healthy weight loss, to acting as a mild anti-depressant. I was in need of everyone of these.

Listening to our bodies is easier than we think. We receive information in a variety of ways, we need to act on these. Listen to the cravings, notice what you are attracted to when grocery shopping, smell everything to get the body’s “yah or nah”. This isn’t permission to act a pound of chocolate, though if you’re body is craving sugar, maybe a fruit salad is in order! Or even Cacao nibs.

A fun fact I found about Hibiscus Here, is some people find Hibiscus tea intoxicating and hallucinogenic. Recommending you test out your own body’s reaction in the safety of your home before taking the tea out into the world with you. I’m certainly going to be on the look out for magical creatures next time!

Thanks for dropping by!

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