Crystals aren’t just pretty to look at, they hold healing and spiritual power. Different types of crystals have different healing abilities related to specific organs and ailments, though today we will focus on the general use of a few crystals in day to day, intentional living. Perhaps you already have a few of these in your home and can now deepen your understanding and relationship with them. There are many types of crystals;


5 Types of Crystals & Their Benefits black tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a strong protection crystal and is the first to come to mind, when needed, by crystal enthusiasts. It works by actively blocking negative energies. In a time when you may need protection, it will help you ground and connect with the Earth. Great for the office, as a necklace or on your desk.


5 Types of Crystals & Their Benefits rose quartz                     
Rose Quartz is well-known for its power of attracting love and new relationships but it goes far deeper. Rose Quartz is soothing and calming, generating positive energy in and around you. While calming you, it heals and releases feelings of anger and resentment not limited to intimate relationships, which is really what our love lives need to be sustainable. Great to keep in the bedroom, living room and bathroom.


5 Types of Crystals & Their Benefits blue kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of my personal favourites that I have used and created with for years. Kyanite of any colour is used for going into a deeper meditative state, often for astral projection, by calming and relaxing the mind. Blue Kyanite specifically can be used when working with your dreams. It opens the third eye, allowing more information to be received in the dream state. You can use Blue Kyanite to practice lucid dreaming and better recall of the content. Great for your bedside table.


5 Types of Crystals & Their Benefits clear quartz
Clear Quartz is known as the master of healing for its deep healing abilities but also because when combined with other healing crystals, it enhances the effect of their healing abilities. You can use quartz to boost your own energy, focus and thought. The clear quartz also absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, kind of like a battery or USB. Though this is a much bigger subject! Great for absolutely everywhere as a necklace, keychain, and decoration in every room of the home.


5 Types of Crystals & Their Benefits orange citrine

Lastly, Orange Citrine is a favourite among many for its inspiration and beauty. Citrine greatly enhances your creativity and helps spark new ideas. Not just good for the mind, Citrine cleanses and regenerates the spirit. Great for students and those looking to start a business, as jewellery or in your favourite brainstorming and meditation spot.

I cleanse my crystals upon receiving them, sometimes using more than one method. And over time and continued use, I cleanse the crystal again to rebirth it and allow different and fresh programming.

My go-to for cleansing my crystals is the Sun & Moon methods, and with each ceremony, I will generally cleanse one or more of my crystals with sage. There is more than a few methods for cleansing, though the basics are as follows; Full Moon or Sun, sage, salt, or burying in the Earth.

Next time we dive deeper into my favourite methods. In meantime, what are your favourite crystals? And which from the list speak to you?


Daily Zen.

Author Bio – Alicia is a nomad on a quest to search the world for ancient practices and how we can apply them in modern times. She focuses on self-discovery and how to simplify our lives through intentional living and through ritual. She is currently crafting a daily agenda for women to enhance their lives by connecting to their menstrual cycle and to the phases of the moon. Alicia’s website – Wild Moon Sacred Cycles.