Archetypes of Menstruation

Archetypes of Menstruation

Archetypal Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

Whats the difference between the Biological Phases & the Archetypal Phases? Well, just as it sounds, the Biological Phases are the findings of science & describe what’s happening at a level we may not be aware of. The Archetypal Phases are the spiritual findings & also the experiences we have & can identity when we inquire. Both sets of phases are important to know, understand, & use in unison.

The Maiden
She is you. She is your first phase of life. before sexual activity, when the world is fresh & exploration is rich. The Maiden, Life Phase, begins with the her first cycle & her first Bleed, as her body prepares to ovulate for the first time.

The Maiden is also the first of the menstrual phases, Pre-Ovulation, during & after the bleed. when the hormones are rushing back in, feeling anew, like the season of Spring. The Maiden is enthusiastic, excited, pure & innocent. The Maiden is the Waxing Crescent Moon, the fresh start, the second chance. the time to plan, push through barriers mentally & in society.

The Maiden is the young woman discovering her sexuality, her prowess, her connection with the male counterpart. She is awakening to her uniqueness & creativity, in her life phase & in every menstrual cycle, She is energetic with new ideas flowing endlessly. She is the Spring, after the snow from Winter has melted away. She is the flowers blooming, the rich soil, the colours of the world intensifying.

The Maiden Menstrual Phase can begin anywhere from Day 1 – Day 7 & end from Day 7 – Day 10. This varies from every woman & throughout life. The Maiden Phase is highly recognized with energy & mood levels quickly rising during your Bleed. During your Maiden Phase is the best time to plan, explore, socialize, dress up, & tease the world around you with your beauty & coming-sexuality.

The Mother

You are The Mother. She is the second phase of life, of ovulation & fertility. She is ready to give birth, to her children & her passion projects. She is strong & confident, beaming with powerful sexual energy.

The Mother, second of the menstrual phases, is igniting physical passion, transforming it into connection with a partner, & allowing it to fill her life with creative energy. She is ovulating, full of motivating hormones, her seeds ready to be planted.

The Mother is the Full Moon, in all her illumination, more outwardly powerful than ever. She is social, loud, & ready to cleanse & purge.

The Mother phase of life begins when the Maiden steps into her full power and is ready to create life, whether it be human, creative or professional. The Mother is the season of Summer, the peak of heat & illumination after the Spring. The soil is fully fertile & ripe, as is the Mother.

The Mother is now ovulating, fertile, ready to receive the seed of Man. She is strong, mentally, physically and spiritually, ready to birth new life through her womb, her body & her vagina. The Mother is sensual, sexual, & erotic. She is not in fear of the power of her sexuality and she is open & ready to try new experiences in all facets of life.

The Mother Menstrual Phase begins between Day 7 & Day 11, and ends between Day 14 & Day 21. The Mother Phase is recognized with arriving sexual prowess & energy, a heightened sexual appetite.

During your Mother Phase, similar to the Maiden, is the best time socialize, plan intimate time alone & with a partner, explore & plan the future, & allow seed to planted within her in order to become pregnant.

Enchantress aka Maga

You are The Enchantress. She is enticing, sexy, moody, no longer motivated by her instinctual needs. She is unpredictable & fully & inconveniently authentic. The Enchantress is the third of the menstrual phases, pre-menstruation. She doesn’t have time for petty nature or drama. She speaks her truth, & calls for genuineness everywhere she is.

The Enchantress is the Waning Moon, winding down, retreating for thought & introversion. She needs calm & space to make course corrections, finish projects, keep promises, & nourish herself with practices of self love.

The Enchantress phase of life begins slowly, with the decrease of sex & ovulation hormones & the rise of intensity within. The Enchantress is the season of Autumn, the warm fading away & the leaves falling from the trees. Less fertile now, & preparing for slumber. The Enchantress Menstrual Phase begins between Day 15 & Day 22, and ends between Day 22 & Day 28. The Enchantress is not obviously recognized or marked. Notice the daily decline in sexual prowess & motivation to socialize.


The Crone

The Crone You are The Crone. She is wise, sure & unapologetic. She does not attempt to please those around her. If you show her respect, she will show you the way, the truth, & the deepest parts of yourself.

The Crone is the fourth & last of the menstrual phases. The great physical & emotional purge through the vaginal bleeding. She is the cranky teacher, tired & impatient. The Crone is the Darkest Moon, the preparation, the deep sleep, & the longest dreams.

The Crone withdraws to gain energy for the Maidens rebirth. The Crone is the season of Winter, all of the fruits from Spring & Summer have died, & quiet is needed for deep sleep, processing & introspection. The great slumber.

The Crone Menstrual Phase begins between Day 21 & Day 25 and ends between Day 28 & Day 3. The Crone is more obvious in her arrival, with irritability, impatience, loud expression, need for quiet, rest, solitary.


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