Blood Rituals

Blood Rituals

March New Moon

Every New & Full Moon…

I offer my community a Moon Ritual. This New Moon I taking it further with 2 Blood Rituals.
1. Self-Love & Acceptance
2. Binding Blood & Semen Commitment Ceremony

Here we are at another New Moon, and I personally am feeling drained! I am bleeding over this New Moon & my body has requested rest & isolation, AND I am just fine with that. I’ve worked hard this Moon Cycle & my body and spirit are tired. I am relishing in the calm solitary.

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The theme for me this month is Blood Power! I have learned to love my menstrual cycle & in the process gained so much knowledge about being a woman. I have created a few Workbooks to help others do the same. Every one of my products has engagement throughout the learning process, as opposed to simply reading and hoping to retain information.

Blood Power – Tracking & Living the Intentional Cycle is complete & for sale.

This is a powerful workbook, where I have accumulated the Biological & Spiritual Knowledge of the Menstrual Cycle & it’s divine power, you will learn about everything menstruation, & learn how to track your own cycle.

It even includes a 12 week Menstruation Planner WITH Moon Phase Tracking as an option.
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As always, thank you for your support & participation in the rising of the Women & the Witches.

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