Living By The Moon – a journey through the phases

How does the Moons phase affect earthlings, and how can we use this knowledge to excel and expand in all areas of life?

The Oracle 1425 Marine Drive #115 West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B9

Alicia, of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles, will take you through each Moon phase & give you a deep understanding of how the Moon affects your life & your body.

The Moon moves through Yin and Yang phases, with these energies directly effecting those on Earth. Learn how to set goals & intentions, yes, but more importantly, how to follow through with them. Be prepared for the natural, cyclical, and predictable, ups and downs of each Moon cycle.

Working with the Moon will create wholeness & simplicity in your life, giving you awareness of the cyclic nature of the feminine being & its reflection in that of the Universe & the Moon. This is not only a spiritual approach to life but a scientific one, providing you with a well-rounded path in which to achieve success, connectedness & contentment.

Becoming a Witch – witchcraft 101

An experiential workshop on the basics of Witchcraft.

The Oracle 1425 Marine Drive #115 West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B9

This is an hands-on, experiential workshop covering the basics of witchcraft. Our own Priestess and Eclectic Witch, Alicia, will take the participants through the principles and practices of traditional witchery from consecration to spellwork. Come experience and learn, take what you will and leave what you won’t. All are welcome.


Tarot as a Spiritual Journey – non-predictive ways to read the Tarot

Learn Tarot cards as a spiritual journey and practice.

The Oracle 1425 Marine Drive #115 West Vancouver, BC V7T 1B9

There is so much more to tarot cards than predictions of past, present, and future. Tarot cards can be used as a spiritual practice to help illuminate the path. In these classes you will learn to interpret tarot in a deeper way, more connected to your life path and spiritual journey. Tarot can show us where we are at in life, in our evolution, giving us a clear image so we can focus on expanding. We will expand on the meanings of the tarot cards and learn to use their wisdom to guide us along our personal and spiritual journey.


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