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The Womans Medicine Circle – Working with The Moon – Blood Power



The Womans Medicine Circle

This workbook gives you the realization, understanding, & education that is your birthright as a woman. Prepared to be blown away by the knowledge of your own power. Covers basics such Life Phases, Moon Cycles, Menstrual Phases, Seasons, Elements…


Working with The Moon – Phase Reflections


Are you curious about the different phases of the Moon? How they effect you? How you can use each phase to stay in the flow of life? This is an full, comprehensive workbook for working with the Moon, with areas to journal answers thoughtful questions to reflect on for understanding and following each phase of the Moon.


Blood Power – Tracking & Living the Intentional Cycle 

Blood Power is an in depth look at, not only the Menstrual Cycle, but also the biological, spiritual & emotional phases we, as women, go through during each cycle & for all our life. Included in this workbook is a 12 week Planner for Menstrual & Moon tracking & so much more!