Herbal Witch – My Working Tea

Herbal Witch – My Working Tea

I keep a lot of dried & fresh Herbs at home to use in my daily life for cooking, cleaning, drinking, making balms & so much more. Today I’m showing you a simple tea I make for when I need focus, inspiration, & calm to get sh!t done!!



A pot of water – approx.  5 cups

A healthy pinch of dried Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, & Peppermint

Bring to a boil, then drink while working!

Hibiscus: A mild hallucinogen, hibiscus gives me calm & inspiration, drawing me into a meditation state.

Red Raspberry Leaf: Known as the Womans Herb, used during menstruation & pregnancy, rich in B vitamins, vitamin C and a number of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron, plus a huge amount of antioxidants, I put this quality Herb in almost every tea to boost brain & body power.

Peppermint: A refreshing taste, plus works with digestion to take down bloating & headaches caused by looking at a computer for too long.

Start collecting your dried herbs for Tea & general Kitchen Witch stuff!




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