Life Savers during your Bleed

Life Savers during your Bleed

Right now I am Day 2 of my bleed & I feel like crap. My brain keeps spitting out the wrong words, my motivation is zero & my body just wants to crawl in a dark comfy hole & numb out on some silly TV shows.

But I’m on a deadline & I need to feel better. I need to get my groove back. Even if just for a few hours so I can finish my projects. Then I can slide into bed, feel the feelings & watch past with the next day or so.

Usually I do my best to track these days ahead of time and give myself the space needed to relax with my cycle. Not this time. I’ve spent 3 weeks working vigorously on my project & my time is coming to an end. If I don’t get it done, I may get it done for a long time.

As a long time Fitness Instructor, taking a day off when I’ve felt like crap hasn’t been an option. People rely on me in their daily lives & put the workouts in their schedules. So I’ve had to figure out a few tricks to “fake it, til I make it” and get through the day.

Here is how I do it!

  • Cacao
  • Coffee
  • Green juice
  • Spirulina powder
  • Wheat grass shots
  • Exercise -cardio always wakes up and pumps in the happy hormones, it doesn’t last a whole day but it works for a few hours
  • Hero pose
  • 60 seconds smiling


Using these continuously or together, especially coffee & cacao, can have long term effects on the adrenal system. Think of it as borrowing tomorrows energy. If you borrow too much, tomorrow you will end up in the same situation & it will become a never ending cycle. Get rest! 

Trust your cycle, knowing is power. And give yourself the space and time to rest, mentally and physically, when it is most needed.





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