Manifesting with the New Moon

Manifesting with the New Moon

The New Moon Calls for Goal Setting


The New Moon represents a fresh start, a time to begin again. It’s a time for dreaming up new realities for yourself & the world around you.

Setting intentions, along with goals, is an extremely powerful conversation with yourself to help get into alignment. But before alignment can happen, you need to spend the time really thinking about what you want, need & desire and also what you don’t.

In the days leading up to the New Moon, find time to reflect on the previous weeks, find blessings, slip ups and lessons. As you recognize and release, also take those lessons forward to create a stronger start for each cycle.

This month’s New Moon arrives on September 9th, although performing your ritual can be a few days before or after.

Here is a simple New Moon ritual. This ritual can take 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on your own needs & time frame. If this is your first moon ritual I suggest taking a few extra minutes before beginning to create a “sacred space” for yourself.

A sacred space is simply a private space you make just for yourself. Gather items you find sacred & supportive: journals, books, crystals, smudge sticks, tarot cards, candles, flowers, essentials oils, herbs, or photos of any icons you may admire. Also gather cozy items such as socks, scarfs, blankets, etc. Find instrumental, meditative music to play in the background.

I hope you enjoy this ritual! Stay tuned for bi-monthly Moon Rituals, as well as many tidbits of working with the Universal energies.

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