You feel a connection with the Moon. That’s likely why you showed up here. You do have an ancient, biological & spiritual connection with the Moon. She pulls us & pushes us. She shows us what we don’t want to see but what we need to see. She is illumination, light & love, rest & calm, sadness & joy. She shows us to stand our ground, to sprout & expand, to retreat & recover.



  hours  minutes  seconds


the next New Moon





Moon Wisdom – A Divine Understanding – digital

Moon Wisdom is an interactive E-Book to take you through the Moon’s Cycle, at depth, with Ceremonies, Rituals, Journal Prompters & Mindfulness Exercises throughout. This Ebook has everything you need to know about the Moon, each phase, how-to work with the Cycles, PLUS explanations of Moon Events such as Eclipses & Supermoons, PLUS a Quick Moon Astrology Guide. Your purchase ALSO includes follow-along videos for each phase through the Workbook. 84 Pages of Moon Wisdom.