Intuition Development
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I am Alicia Meek, creator of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles. I have spent years studying Spiritual Wisdom, Tarot, Divination & Moon Astrology.

My aim is to share this ancient wisdom that is very relevant to today's life on Earth. This wisdom to help reconnect with the Earth, each other, the cycles of life & self, as well as create a successful & satisfying life.

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    in this mini workbook you will learn two crucial practices to deepen your connection with yourself and your intuition.

    In order to develop your intuition, you need to open the channels of communication and trust. These daily practices will do just that!

    About Alicia Meek
    Sacred Menstruation Educator, Moon Cycle Expert, Master of the Feminine Cycles, Women’s Cyclical Alignment Leader, Advocate & Defender of Ancient Feminine Practices, Divination & Intuition – Palm & Card Reader