Palm Reading – Different Options & Why

Palm Reading – Different Options & Why

When I do a Palm Reading, I look at the hand overall and see what pops up first. These will likely be big changes from moving house or country, to major disappointments, heartbreaks, or deaths in the family.

Once I satisfy my curiosity then I been looking at each line, making note of characteristics, and then checking the hand to see if there are any contradictions, as I go along.

In my Readings Shop, there are 3 options for Palm Readings. I could easily make many more though I do my best not confuse. If you have never had a Palm Reading and you simply want to try it out and see what comes up, here is a quick explanation and guide to choosing which is for you.

Palm Reading – Basic

  • you have one or two simple questions
  • you have never had a Palm Reading and you are curious

Palm Reading – Complete

  • you have many questions
  • you want a full explanation, past, present, future, of all lines
  • you have had a Basic reading and want to know more
  • you want personalized advice

Couples Compatibility – Palmistry Reading

  • you are in new relationship and you are not sure the person is right for you, if the person is honest, if the person may become abusive
  • you are in a long term relationship, thinking of leaving it and wanting clarity
  • anything else you can think of!


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