Review of Witch by Lisa Lister

Review of Witch by Lisa Lister

I can sum up how I feel about this book in a short sentence, “it’s basic but perfect”.

I was browsing Audible for empowering books for women & witches. There is a lot of crap out there so shopping for a book takes time. It took me a week of browsing & processing to decide on Lisa Listers’ Witch.

When I look up a book review I look for straight facts given in a timely format, as such I will make this point form for those looking for a quickie book review.


  • Lisa Listers’ voice is a joy to listen too. She narrates the Audible version
  • the ideas laid out in this book are not complicated
  • it’s educational for the beginner witch & feminist
  • it’s an optimistic view on change for women & the patriarchy
  • it’s inspiring & empowering
  • it has step by step rituals, call-to-action, & a offers a community of women to get started with
  • it doesn’t encourage the alienation of men & gives gentle advice


  • it’s simple, not for the experienced witch
  • there could have been more rituals
  • mentions her other book a lot

Overall I loved this book. It was a good listen for an hour in the morning to “power up” for the day. Some women found Lisa Lister to be irritatingly feminist & over focused on the womb. My response to that is, if you are uncomfortable it’s probably something you need to look into further & discover what is happening inside yourself that this is making you “nauseous” or “uncomfortable”.

• Alicia •

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