Sacred Menstruation – Reclaiming Your Cycle

Sacred Menstruation – Reclaiming Your Cycle

The brilliance which occurs in a woman’s life when she begins to pay attention to her cycle, & to herself, is vast and profound.


By simply tracking your cycles’ symptoms confusion will begin dropping from your life. No more surprises, you are in control & prepared for the easily monitored & cyclical hormonal changes within your own body.

The intentional cycle. With day by day tracking of mood, sexual prowess, energy levels, motivation & even days when the most inspiration & ideas tend to flow in, you can create a cheat sheet for your cycle, & your life. No more being unprepared or unsure of how to plan & schedule your life. Best of all, no surprises of low energy, trouble sleeping, anxiousness or mood swings seemingly out of nowhere. You can have it all! Give yourself the best shot possible by taking a few minutes every day to tap into yourself. Your body, & mind, doesn’t have to be a mystery.

We are all on a cycle, whether we are a Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, or Crone. Tracking is important for every phase of life. By tracking changes in your cycle, it can help in discovery of pregnancy, illness & the potential of moving into the next phase of a woman’s life.

In these times, with no awareness of whats happening in our cycle, we engage in negative talk about our bodies, our mental state, & our habits. Instead you can go easy on yourself when you are aware that certain days you aren’t being lazy, you need physical & mental rest,solitary to process your life’s happenings. No woman can be go-go-go every day, make sure they always get a full nights sleep, & have balanced moods & hormones. The sooner we track & accept the fact we have high & low days, the easier, & more connected, life becomes.

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These questions will be answered: Why didn’t I get enough sleep? Why am I so tired? Why do I feel so lazy & unmotivated? Why am I so hungry? Why do I only crave junk food? Where did this muffin top come from? Why did I gain 5 pounds in two days? Why do I have more painful cramps?


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Oh my gosh, my Father just revealed to me the sacred rituals & meaning of the Women’s Cycle several weeks ago & I posted them on my blog, spoke on it on my Podcast, & finally made a video about it. Then I see your articles on Menstruation. Wow, thank you for sharing.

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