Setting Up an Altar & Sacred Space

Setting Up an Altar & Sacred Space

What’s the difference between an altar & a sacred space?

An altar is a space of honouring. Whether you are honouring yourself, a Goddess or God, your ancestors, your Gurus etc. On my altar I have each of my card decks, crystals and jewelry I wish to be charged, my favorite incense, one or more candles, plus art work featuring, always Frida, a couple of women who I admire. If the surface space is large enough I will include my Book of Shadows, my most used essential oils, and meaningful “things”.

In having and honouring an altar, keep it neat & tidy, interact with the items, and spend time connecting with each photo, art work, & meaningful things. Pick up your crystals, light your incense, use your essential oils and so on.

An altar can be a small table table top, a corner of your room or even a space much larger if you have it. I am currently in a transition home so my space is smaller. I am learning how to be creative and surround myself with altars and “things” I love.

I often have a prayer candle on my altar that I light each morning & pray for a successful day plus love & protection for each of my family members & loved ones. I take the time to visualize each one and see them happy and healthy.

A sacred space is more in honour of yourself. This is a space designed and created with only you in mind. This space will be comfortable and beautiful with cozy blankets, socks, scarves, and pillows in, next to or near by.

Your sacred space is for connecting with the deepest parts of yourself, rejuvenating yourself. This space is for ceremonies, meditation, time-outs, journaling, practicing divination and so much more.

Fill your sacred space with wall hangings, blankets, pillows, books, journals, crystals, smudge sticks, tarot cards, candles, flowers, essential oils, dried and fresh herbs, statues, art pieces, photos, pendulums, pens & pencils, singing bowls and more.

If you perform Full Moon ceremonies, you may include a cauldron, ceramic bowl, or something similar to safely burn a piece of paper in. 

Fill the air with meditative, maybe instrumental music, incenses, candle light and anything else you can think of to create a safe, sacred and inspiring space for yourself.

Ideally this space will stay here permanently, being used when needed and for ceremonies.



Alicia – Wild Moon Sacred Cycles

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