The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase 3 – Day 14 – 21

The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase 3 – Day 14 – 21

The Third Phase – Ovulation

Ovulation has been the goal of the body since the beginning of the cycle. Estrogen and testosterone levels continue to rise & reach their peaks.

This is when the body feels and looks it’s best. You may start receiving second looks and compliments: “There’s something different about you today.” You will feel most confident, especially in your communication – plus your sex drive is at its highest which means creativity flows easily during this time.

This is a great time to schedule job interviews, make extra room for intimate time with your partner & exploring new levels of sexuality alone and with your partner, go to networking events, making new friends, show off the surge of confidence with public speaking or presenting at work.

During the Third Phase of your cycle you are fertile as f*&$. Be aware of this if you’d like to plan a pregnancy or avoid one.

The Third Phase lasts for 2-3 days. You’ve got a short window on this one so make it worth it! Symptoms associated with the Third Phase: demandingly high sex drive, clitoris sensitivity, extra vaginal discharge.


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