The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase Two – Day 7 – 14

The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase Two – Day 7 – 14


Second Phase – Getting Ready for Ovulation

This phase is when the body prepares to ovulate, which follows the menstruation. During this phase, the body receives big hits of estrogen and testosterone, giving the boost of energy needed to play catch up from the rest taken in the First Phase. Not only does the body receive all this inspiring energy, mood & brain function also improve. These hormones can cause a can-do and go-go-go attitude, making this the best time to start projects, schedule meetings, go on dates, and take risks.

Use this time to brainstorm new ideas, listen to intuition & inspiration, and make big decisions. You won’t mind being busy at this time so take advantage of it and pack your schedule with forward thinking activities. Although you are most likely to become pregnant in the Third Phase of your cycle, your Second Phase is when your hormone levels rise and therefore you become more fertile. Use this information to plan or avoid a pregnancy.

The second phase lasts between 7-10 days. Get it while you got it!

Symptoms associated with the Second Phase: flood of energy & happy hormones, feelings of excitement, motivation, & ideas flowing., post-menses depression, anxiety, exhaustion.


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