The Power of being a Wom(b)an

The Power of being a Wom(b)an

Throughout the reign of the patriarchy and the systematic repression of woman, we have forgotten the magic & power of what we are.

We hold, inside our bodies, the power to create life. In order to have this life-giving power, we must go through a death & rebirth cycle 13 times per solar-calendar year, sometimes less, sometimes more.

These cycles reflect the workings of the Universe, the phases of the Moon, & the seasons of the Earth. These truths were recognized for thousands of years when, more of, a balance & mutual respect between the feminine & masculine existed. Greed & power, religion & fear tried to wipe away the old religion, the old ways, & the women.

We have stayed in hiding, scared of our own power, scared of repercussions of living in a natural way. The world around us is changing yet again & we are no longer scared to live our true paths.

Embracing the cycle of the womb, & the path of the wom(b)an, is step one. Soon you will begin to remember all that your ancestors discovered & set out for you.


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