Why track your Cycle?

Why track your Cycle?

Tracking your cycle can be important to every woman for a different reason. You may not know specifically what your reason is or how tracking your cycle may help you but you want find out.

The list below might give you clues as to how tracking your cycle can enhance your life.

Self Love.

– To show respect & gratitude to the powerful feminine experience & the great mysteries of the human body – To honour the ability to grow a human inside of your body – To comes to terms with monthly symptoms such as water retention, mood changes, depression, foggy brain & lack of decision making ability

Blueprint to your life.

To create a blueprint for your month concerning energy levels, the mental & the physical, mood changes, sexuality, productivity & creativity, sleep, cramps, socializing, career planning & executing…

Planning a family.

– Planning a pregnancy – Tracking days of ovulation – Avoiding an unwanted pregnancy

Health and Self Care.

– Changes in your cycle can indicate hormonal issues, thyroid & liver dysfunction, IBS, diabetes or a host of other health conditions – Lifestyle changes can effect your cycle, such as diet, sleep pattern, exercise regiment, weight loss or gain, stress levels – Changes in work or home life

Life goals.

Living a more connected, centered, & intentional life can improve confidence, efficiency & effectiveness in all areas of life, including lowering stress levels. This is the ultimate goal of this Guide, Though we all have & find our own reasons for using it.

Finding a mate.

There are undeniably better days within your cycle to go on a date, make first impressions, and get to know someone physically for the first time. Knowing which days these are can be invaluable to finding a partner.

Daily Life Knowing which days you will need..

– more rest or alone time – more time with supportive friends – more affection from your partner or sexual activity, solo or otherwise, – when to put up stronger boundaries to avoid confrontations and conflicts better left to other day.


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