Womans Medicine Circle

 I’ve created this workbook to engage you in the understanding, as opposed to simply reading and attempting to retain information. By memorizing the elements and placement of the Womans Medicine Circle you will be able to use the knowledge you have retained and share it with those around you.



Woman are a direct reflection of the Earth & the Moon. We hold the power of the Universe within our womb.

We are living in a time where our womb is seen as an inconvenience. This needs to end.

The Womans Medicine Circle can be your first step towards understanding what it truly means to be woman, to be powerful. We are in tribe with each other & need to rise & lift together.



The Womans Medicine Circle – Digital Download

This workbook gives you the realization, understanding, & education that is your birthright as a woman. Prepared to be blown away by the knowledge of your own power. Covers basics such Life Phases, Moon Cycles, Menstrual Phases, Seasons, Elements…



“The honour of being woman, of being the grand reflection from Earth to Moon, of wielding the powers of the womb, the vagina, the breast, and the ever-changing phases in life and death of the egg, is too often unseen and misunderstood.”

” In order to take our true place as equal on this Earth we must first value and understand ourselves above all else. The Daughter, the Mother, the Wife, all must come in second to self. When your cup is full and overflowing, everything around you will benefit. But pouring from an empty cup into the world drains us all. ”

The Womans Medicine Circle⠀