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WildMoonSacredCycles creates tools for modern women to reconnect with our ancient female practices of following the cycles of menstruation & the Moon.


The 2020 Planner – Womb & Moon – is now available for Presale purchase!

Womb & Moon – 2020 Planner – 14months – Include Worldwide Shipping

PreSales for the Womb & Moon 2020 Planner are up!!⁠ This Planner, is 14 months of tracking your Menstrual Cycle in unison with the Moon Cycle. ⁠ Includes…⁠ – how & why track your Menstrual Cycle⁠ – how & why track the Moon Cycle⁠ – 14 months, Nov. 19′ – Dec. 20′ beautiful Weekly flat-lay Planner pages⁠ – New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonies⁠ – explaining Sacred Menstruation & types of Cycles⁠ Check my story for more pictures! And go to the link in my Bio to Order!⁠ $19 for Digital or $44 for Physical Including Worldwide Shipping


Womb & Moon – 2020 Planner – 14months – DIGITAL

The cost to print this at your local printer should be approx $12-$15 USD


The goal of the ‘Womb and Moon Planner’ to connect you to the deepest & consistent part of yourself.⁠

As a woman, you are forever and always in your cycle, your menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle, then, is forever and always connected to the cycle of the Moon.⁠

Each cycle, Womb and Moon, offers an understanding, an explanation, a blueprint for the women of Earth. The knowledge of these cycles has survived for 15,000 years, survived the Patriarchy and the Witch Hunts.⁠

Using these cycles separately is enlightening, though using these cycles in unison is Power. You can create a blueprint for your upcoming days, weeks and months, planning important dates to fall on your most energetic and capable days. Then, on the other side, you can plan ahead for days where you will need rest & solitary. ⁠

Through learning & experiencing the Archetypes associated with Menstrual Cycle, which also non-coincidentally aligned with the Lunar Cycle, you will eventually lose the need to track your Menstruation Cycle because you will be so connected, listening & hearing to everything your body is telling you. ⁠

Living By The Moon – Online Video Course

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This course will leave you inspired, connected, & truly living by the Moon.

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It is time for us to go back to basics, to understand our own biological nature & learn to work with it instead of against it.

These easy-to-use educational & practical tools help us, as women, to achieve contentment & satisfaction with a sense of power & control.



With all the Divine Feminine, Goddess, and women rise movements which inspire us to better ourselves, tap into our spirituality, and  bring back the ways of our ancestors, Wild Moon Sacred Cycles attempts to provide women with engaging education and tangible results for simplifying and understanding the female existence. So, what does that mean?

Call it esoteric arts or guidance systems for a better life, we want to share with you the knowledge to use ancient systems to simplify, improve, and enhance your daily life in every way, while actively and consistently setting goals through manifestation, and letting go of anything not needed.



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