About Wild Moon Sacred Cycles

WildMoonSacredCycles creates tools for modern women to reconnect with the ancient feminine practices of following the cycles of menstruation & the Moon.



The mission of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles is to reconnect women with cyclical consciousness by providing tools to educate and empower.

The goal of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles is to preserve, and carry forward, ancient feminine practices, while restoring cyclical consciousness on Earth. 

About Alicia

           Sacred Menstruation Educator             

Moon Cycle Expert     

Master of the Feminine Cycles

Women’s Cyclical Alignment Leader         

                      Advocate & Defender of Ancient Feminine Practices                           

Divination & Intuition – Palm & Card Reader 


My Story

I was born and raised in a family, mom, dad, and two older sisters, where we were reminded often that the house Patriarch was fully in charge, would assert himself as he saw fit, and if we did not bow to that power, we were welcome to leave. A strong-handed, discompassionate, father was exactly what I needed to challenge me, put me in the pressure cooker, to become the strong, assertive, feminine activist I now am. 

30 years later, I can see my dad was following the patriarchal path of society and family, in hopes he would create ‘ideal females’ for a male-dominated world. I see him, and I forgive him. Though I do not forget. He showed me the suppressive underbelly of our world. He showed me the lack of respect for the woman and the womb. This fueled the beginning of my rebellion, at 11 years old, when he told my sisters and me,

‘If your mother ever disagreed with anything I said, I would leave this house, and you would never see me again.’

Shocked. Heartbroken. Disgusted. This man I saw as my protector, the cold-hearted leader of our family, crushed any hope I had at affection for him, or from him. 

With indignant and grief-stricken tears I made clear his stance was unacceptable, horrid, and wrong. And from that moment, a decades-long war began. Him against me, me against him. 

My career choices, always unconventional and insecure, constantly steered me towards working with women. I started in Nutrition, then added Fitness. Although I was surrounded by amazing, supportive women, I still felt the path was not quite right, despite providing an abundant income and some fulfillment. I had my own landmarks and landmines to encounter before my path would bring me Here, where I found the magic equation, Fulfillment + Purpose = Contentment. 

Previously I had moved from career to career, collecting diplomas and certifications, working several different positions at a time, burning myself out, searching endlessly from something to give me contentment, a moment of peace in my life, a sense of purpose. I didn’t realize at the time but I was searching for a purpose to give me fulfillment, something I could feel content with, so the search could finally end, and I could simply Be. 

I had been searching in all the wrong places. Though I wouldn’t know where to look until my life became unmanageable. Smoking, drinking and stress, a boyfriend twice my age, with a heroin addiction and 3 children, working 65 hours a week and spreading my energy over too many endeavours, my body 26-year-old body would relinquish its support of my unsustainable lifestyle with panic attacks and a heart arrhythmia. 

After a few, very serious, warning shots from my body, I broke up with my boyfriend, quit smoking and drinking, narrowed my focuses down by half, and began a year-long, introverted, journey of self-discovery. 

I quieted my mind so I could listen to my body. To my surprise, I realized I had been bulimic since 12 years old, had body dysmorphia, orthorexia, and hated my womb. I was stunned. I always saw myself as a confident, headstrong woman. Turned out I was in denial about what was really happening behind the curtain and below the surface. I was shaming my body constantly, drugging it for every ache and pain, and demanding it be thinner and more attractive. My physical appearance had somehow become more important than my physical health. 

So, I took a year and self-isolated. Celibate and living alone, I meditated, read empowering books for women, cried for my relationship with my Dad, and all men, and began healing from everything that had built up and caused my illnesses. 

It was in this year I learned to love myself, love my womb, and my womanhood. My true journey had begun. Not having any idea where I would ‘end up’, or what my ‘arrival’ would look like, I knew I headed in the right direction.