About Wild Moon Sacred Cycles

Intuitive Reader & Educator, Medical Intuitive, Moon Cycle Expert, Master of the Feminine Cycles, Advocate & Defender of Ancient Feminine Practices, Divination & Intuition – Palm & Card Reader.

Alicia is a traditionally trained Witch and Priestess of the Correllian Tradition, though she follows her own flow for practice. She has spent 2 decades studying spiritual wisdom from Pythagoras, astrology, Tarot, and the true herstory of women, witches, and matriarchy. Her aim is to share this ancient knowledge that is very relevant to today’s life on Earth.



The mission of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles is to reconnect women with cyclical consciousness by providing tools to educate and empower.

The goal of Wild Moon Sacred Cycles is to preserve, and carry forward ancient feminine practices while restoring cyclical consciousness on Earth. 

About Alicia

Sacred Menstruation Educator, Moon Cycle Expert, Master of the Feminine Cycles, Women’s Cyclical Alignment Leader, Advocate & Defender of Ancient Feminine Practices, Divination & Intuition – Palm & Card Reader 

I am a Solitary Witch with an ever-open mind. I study Wicca under the Correllian Church and independently follow Hermetics Principles and practices. I believe in syncretism: All Paths Lead to Deity. I do not follow any rules though I have a strong moral base. I honour nature, the cycles of the Universe, and above all, I stand for harmony and peace.

Born into a Christian family, I always felt I wasn’t being told the whole story. From a young age, I began to ask unwanted questions, I was shh’d and shoo’d. At 11 years old my rebellious feminine spirit broke free and I began to reject the chains of book religions. I became an avid reader of everything odd and mysterious, always seeking magic within and around me.

It was my menstrual cycle that brought me back to Witchcraft, the Occult, and New Age Schools of Thought. Though the inquiry of my womb I learned of cycles. The cycles within me, and the cycles outside of me. I became obsessed with ancient feminine knowledge and the true her-story of women. I still follow this path mixing the old knowledge with the new to form a unique and eclectic personal practice.

When I was a child I noticed synchronicities, the power of manifestation, and of the mind. I, unwittingly, developed my intuition and spoke to a Higher Power I felt all around me. Though as I grew up I became a rebellious young woman, thirsty for life’s experiences. I came back to my path many times in the last 25 years. At 30 years old I felt a calling and an emptiness in my life. And know, at 35 years old, I can truly say I feel complete within myself, content on my path, and confident in my beliefs.