Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition

What is Medical Intuition?

Medical Intuition is the practice of using ones intuitive abilities to scan the physical & energetic bodies looking for imbalance.

During a scan, the intuitive can receive pictures, words, messages, & information of all kinds.

Every session is unique to the Intuitive & individual receiving the scan. As well, every Medical Intuitive will have a one-of-a-kind technique & process.

What happens in a Medical Intuition session?

Always starting with a friendly chat, I connect my energy to that of the person I am scanning. I, then, take about 10-15 minutes while I intuitively scan the physical & energetic body. In this time I receive information in a multitude of ways from images to messages from Spirit Guides. I write down all my findings.

I share these results, while discussing & clarifying any physical, mental, or spiritual imbalances.

I compile all this information to write an assessment. This assessment covers the Mind-Body connection of imbalances, disorders, and injuries. I also include lifestyle recommendations for supplements, herbs, movement, emotional expression/processing & beyond.

Whether it is an in-person or live-video assessment – this begins with an energy body scan. After this, the current energy and health concerns are shared. This session includes a full analysis and written assessment.
body scan – I look through the body and energy body in order to see where there may be stagnant energy, injuries, disorder, or something not yet developed in the physical body. This includes a look into bodily system, organs, bones, and aura.
full analysis – where physical and energetic health may be sluggish, where an chronic issue may be forming into a physical disorder
written assessment – includes Mind, Body, Spirit recommendations for items found in body scan and shared current energy/health concerns shared. In a written assessment, you will receive the psycho-spiritual connections – how your emotional issues affect certain areas of the body, and how certain physical issues point to mental/emotional/spiritual struggles. Eg. Health issues of the face point to issues within the structure of self, being secure in identity, and being seen by those around you.

You may know this about me. I have a multiple diplomas in Nutrition, Herbology, Womens Health, and Fitness. Before I offered my intuitive skills, I was a Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor. For years I was offering intuitive information to clients & attendees. When I finally realized it, I pursued a deeper understanding of Medical Intuition. I took every course, read every book, watched every video… Ultimately I took my own path with the guidance of the community