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**please note, I will teach Workshops & Ceremonies on request, Email me to find out more

Alicia is in Vancouver, Canada from April 2020 onward & is available for one on one workshops, readings & more.

Workshop & Training Available for Palmistry, Oracle Cards, Divination /Scrying, Witchcraft – Beginners & Beyond, Moon Astrology, Life Purpose for Spiritual Women, Book of Shadows, New & Full Moon Circles, Womens Circles, How to Facilitate, etc

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Living By The Moon – Online Video Course

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Life Purpose Course for Spiritual Women


5 Weekly – Short Exercises to begin digging & uncovering
3 x 30 Min. Phone Sessions w/ Alicia
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Living by The Moon

Have you always loved the saying “Live by The Moon” but not completely understood what it meant? This workshop will leave you inspired, connected, & truly living by the Moon.
This workshop takes you through each Moon phase & gives you a deep understanding of how the Moon effects your life & your body. Working with The Moon will create wholeness & simplicity in your life, giving you awareness of the cyclic nature of the feminine being & it’s reflection in that of the Universe & the Moon. This is not only a spiritual approach to life but a scientific one, providing you with a well-rounded path in which to achieve success, connectedness & contentment.
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Cacao Ceremony

With Cacao, love seems to flow naturally, focus is easier and more effortless, often there will be a gently glowing or vibrating energy.

The context of the Ceremony is a safe and beautiful space that supports connection, with self & others present, expands consciousness, relaxes the body & the ego mind and inspires creativity.

You will be free to participate as much or as little as feels right to you in that moment. There will be some sharing, some group activities and also solo activities. All for benefit of the individual to experience more openness with far less fear & attachment.

This Ceremony will be lead by Alicia, whom has worked with Cacao for many years, including in Central America, hands-on processing & in Ceremony.

Feel free to message with any questions or concerns.

Essentials of the Feminine Grimoire – Book of Shadows Workshop

This workshop is only for the ladies this time. We will focus on the ways of the Witchy Woman, the cycles, her connection to the Earth & the Moon. We will be drawing as go, ZERO art skill needed, while learning, engaging & understanding what makes us Witches.   * If you do not yet have a Book of Shadows, I will have books on hand for purchase.   This workshop will also include a New Moon Ceremony!