Life Purpose Course


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Life Purpose Course for Spiritual Women



5 Weekly (for 5 Weeks) – Short Exercises to begin digging & uncovering
3 x 30 Min. Phone Sessions w/ Alicia
Email Support, Response & Insights


Life Purpose Course with Alicia


This course, I have created specifically for spiritually-inclined women, a journey through your past, present and future to find all the clues, moments and synchronicities which will ultimately lead to you to your path.

The world is loud and distracting. It can be hard for us to hear clearly the messages that are meant for us. Through conditioning, by society and our childhood influencers, we lose ourselves, we forget how to connect with ourselves, how to listen to our hearts’, higher selves, and Spirit. At the core of your being all this information sits in wait. Waiting for the day you can do the work and be reminded of who you really are, what you have to offer, and most importantly how to live in alignment.

In our world women are trained to put themselves second. I, myself, grew up in a house where I had to actively fight against sexism and conditioning every day. Even though I left home at 14 years old, I still have this conditioning living inside me, talking to me, putting me down, and trying to convince me not to be an individual. I am happy to report, the voice has been unsuccessful.


Why did I create this course?

I have been working with women as a Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, Circle Facilitator, and Business Coach for over 10 years now. The common theme among the majority is..

“I want to start a business but I don’t know what to do”, “I don’t know what I’m good at, I don’t know what my offering should be”, “I’m too scared to put myself out there” , “I am unhappy at my job but to scared to leave the financial security” , “My business isn’t what I really want to be doing”, “I feel unfulfilled in general”

Some many of us are merely existing and feeling unfulfilled in life, career and relationship. When a woman finds her purpose and creates fulfillment for herself every relationship will be improved, every area of life will be filled with more enjoyment. Life’s trajectory will finally make sense.

I have, several times in my life, found purpose and fulfillment. It has changed and grown into what you now know as Wild Moon Sacred Cycles. Along with my life, business and coaching experience, I have studied the psychology of Mindfulness, Contentment and Fulfillment. From that I created a program which is guaranteed to ruffle the right feathers, discover deeper parts of yourself, and uncover your purpose to achieve contentment and fulfillment.

If I have invited you here and you can resonate with these words, please sign up and let’s get started right away. 


Life Purpose Course with Alicia


Why do I only offer it to women?

I choose to work specifically with women for many reasons. Through self discovery, maintenance and study of my own female hormonal system, I can relate and strongly empathize with women. I also am a Feminist, and an active part of the dismantling of the Patriarchy.