A Beginner’s Guide to a Full Moon Ceremony

A Beginner’s Guide to a Full Moon Ceremony

A Beginner’s Guide to a Full Moon Ceremony

When it comes to spiritual practices, there’s nothing quite like a full moon ceremony. The power of a full moon is hard to deny, and harnessing that power can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It can be a little daunting to know where to start, but with a little guidance, anyone can learn to make the most of the full moon energy. This beginner’s guide to a full moon ceremony will provide all the information you need to create a meaningful and powerful experience. From preparing the right space, to choosing the right items to bring, to setting appropriate intentions, this guide will have you ready to dive into the power of the full moon in no time.

What is a Full Moon Ceremony?

A full moon ceremony is a spiritual and self-care practice that uses the intense energy of the full moon to release what isn’t working for you in your life. This is a very open-ended practice, so you can decide how you want to incorporate the full moon into your spiritual practice. However, it is an excellent way to use the power of the full moon’s energy, as the full moon represents the peak of lunar energy in a month. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced in spiritual practice, the full moon is a wonderful time to reflect, think about what you need to release from your life, and connect and align with the energies of the moon. A full moon ceremony can take on many forms, and is open to any tradition.

Benefits of a Full Moon Ceremony

A full moon ceremony is that it is a very accessible spiritual practice. It doesn’t require any special training, or a lot of time, and is open to all traditions and faiths. It is a perfect practice for anyone who wants to mark the full moon and doesn’t know where to start. A full moon ceremony is a perfect time to reflect on what you want to release from your life. You can slow down, meditate, write in your journal, and have a burning ritual to commit to releasing what no longer serves you.

What Items to Gather

When it comes to gathering the items for your full moon ceremony, the sky is really the limit. You can tailor your ritual to your own personal tastes and traditions. However, there are a few items that are commonly used in full moon ceremonies and can provide a great jumping-off point for beginners. Salt is one of the most popular items used in full moon ceremonies. It is a great tool for grounding and cleansing energy. Many people also like to use candles in their full moon ceremonies. Candles can be used to mark the beginning and end of the ceremony, as well as to provide a soft, warm light that adds to the ambiance of the experience. Another common item is water, as it is often used to represent cleansing, and releasing of energy. It is also a great way to represent the flow of the full moon, and all of its power.

Writing down your full moon complaints and what you want to release

Before you begin the rest of the ceremony, it is a great idea to take a moment to write down any complaints that you have against yourself, and what you want to release. This can be done on paper, or in a journal. It is a beautiful way to cleanse your energy and prepare yourself for a new cycle. It can be helpful to think about the things that you want to release from your life, and the things you want to bring in, as both are equally important in the full moon ceremony. There are a few ways you can decide what to put in, and what to let go of. You can ask the divine for insight, and see what bubbles up for you. You can also write down your complaints about yourself, and what you want to release, and then take the items that bubble up from that and use them in your ceremony.


The full moon is a wonderful time to reset and release, get out any complaints, and commit to moving forward in your life. There is no right or wrong way to have a full moon ceremony, and it can take on many forms. Beginners can start by gathering their sacred items, writing down their complaints and what they want to release and then safely burning them or flushing them down the toilet. Consider doing the burning in the backyard though, to avoid any mishaps.

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