The Priestess’s Moon – Full Moon in Scorpio

This is an important Moon, if not the most important Moon for women. Be in nature & bathe in the Moonlight. Whether you know it, or want to believe it, you are a Witch, you are a Keeper, a Shaman, & would-be Priestess. You can step into your Priestesshood as soon as you embrace yourself.… Continue reading The Priestess’s Moon – Full Moon in Scorpio

Life Savers during your Bleed

Right now I am Day 2 of my bleed & I feel like crap. My brain keeps spitting out the wrong words, my motivation is zero & my body just wants to crawl in a dark comfy hole & numb out on some silly TV shows. But I'm on a deadline & I need to… Continue reading Life Savers during your Bleed

Herbal Witch – My Working Tea

I keep a lot of dried & fresh Herbs at home to use in my daily life for cooking, cleaning, drinking, making balms & so much more. Today I'm showing you a simple tea I make for when I need focus, inspiration, & calm to get sh!t done!! Ingredients: A pot of water - approx. … Continue reading Herbal Witch – My Working Tea

Cleansing your crystals

After you obtain new crystals, it is important to cleanse them. In the time of their existence, they have absorbed all sorts of energy. Whether it be positive, negative or a mixture of both, you can and should cleanse and reprogram your crystal with your positive and loving energy. Some people expel the negative energies… Continue reading Cleansing your crystals

Sacred Menstruation – The Red & White Moon Cycles

Understanding your Sacred Menstruation I have the pleasure of being connected to so many women & have them trust with questions about their menstrual cycles. On Instagram, I share almost daily about my own menstrual cycle, the Moon, & how they effect effect me. It's my passion to share this knowledge with all women, to… Continue reading Sacred Menstruation – The Red & White Moon Cycles