Balsamic Moon – Waning Crescent

Balsamic Moon – Waning Crescent

In my newly finished Moon Guide, Working with The Moon – Phase Reflections, we journey through each phase of our Moon with a soulful depth.

Each phase of the Moon provides a reflection, a moment to take to ourselves to learn about who we are, where we are at, where we want to be, what our truest values are, and what we are looking to expel from our conscious existence. Every man, woman and child can benefit from the ancient knowledge and practice of following and reflecting the phases of the Moon.

The current phase is the Balsamic Moon, as known as the Waning Crescent. A beautiful phase of rest and readying. Our sky has slowing been darkening since the Full Moon, and soon will be completely without the illumination of the Moon. The Dark Moon is an extremely powerful time, but for now we will stay with our current phase, Balsamic.

You are sleepy, physically and mentally. You mind has begun scanning the previous weeks happening and deciphering them into piles of Yes and No. What needs to go, and what you can carry forward with.

This is a time of sweet surrender, full acceptance & liberation of the past. Trust in the renewal of the Balsamic Moon and stay in a restful state. Practice self-care, calmness, full love, & affection, for yourself and your loved ones. Keep your mind off the daily stresses, away from finding solutions, & fully focused on a empty mind & a full heart.

Soon comes the Dark Moon, & then the New. Use this precious time of rest before the true work begins.

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