Being a Palm Reader

Being a Palm Reader

In the last few weeks I have performed an abundance of Palm Readings. This is so wonderful for me & enjoy it every step of the way. I receive incredible responses from my clients saying how “bang on” my reading was & they always have follow up questions. I am just as astonished to hear the details of my clients lives matched to the readings.

One thing has been on my mind though. Every person I have read for in the last weeks few weeks has been female, between the ages 31-38, & every single one has the same question, “should I stay with my husband?”. It is so hard to answer this question. Yes, sometimes I see a divorce in her future, but does she truly want to know that? Will I be effecting the fated future by telling her.

In Palmistry, we are “telling the future” but what most people do not understand is we are telling the future based off the decisions made by the receiver. When I see a divorce, it is most likely that the receiver of the reading has already decided to seek a divorce. We make decisions sometimes that take us years to fully take action on. This person will make slow, sometimes unconscious decisions to protect their hearts from their partner, make future plans without them, cut them off of affection etc.

This is quite what I’ve been pondering though. I have been pondering why so many women, of the same age & phase of life, are so unhappy in their marriages & with their men. Have the men become complacent? Are the women blaming their unhappiness on the marriage when it truly lies within them? Did there expectations of their husbands change since getting married?

As I was explaining to a client today, I am a reader, not an advice-giver. I can read certain things about people but that in no gives me the wisdom related to their situation. How do I deal that? Well, shortly after becoming a Palm Reader, I recognized that it wasn’t quite enough, I needed a complimentary “something” to go with the Palmistry. That is precisely when I found the Sacred Rebels Oracle Cards in a thrift shop in Bryon Bay, Australia. I immediately became enamored with these striking cards. Their beauty and their messages were so in depth. The wisdom within them is Universal. I often tell my partner that every piece of advice needed in life is in cards. At least once a week I pull cards for myself, to gain clarity & also seeking confidence to go forward. When I pull that one card for myself, after I call in my spirit guides, ancestors, Gods, Goddesses, & ask my Mama Earth to be with me, the message is always perfect, so perfect I weep with joy immediately every time.


Much Love & Moon Blessing


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