3 Most Important Aspects – Your Birth Chart

3 Most Important Aspects – Your Birth Chart

Understanding your Birth Chart can be a headache. So I have made a simple sheet with the basic information & a few convenient links to take the guess work out. This can help your understand a little more about yourself & how when you were born has effected your personality.

If nothing else, have a little fun by filling out the sheet :                        Your Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart

Although each Horoscope sign (your Sun Sign) has it’s own qualities, we don’t always connect fully to it. Well that’s because there is more information. In the above chart I give you the basics of your Birth Chart in an easy to understand chart that breaks down each Signs meaning.

Find your Sun Sign here

Find your Moon Sign here

Find your Rising Sign here

Rosebud Baker of Elite Daily said “Your chart is like an onion; your Ascendent sign is the outer layer, your Sun sign is what’s underneath it and your Moon sign is the deepest layer, the one that makes you cry.”

Knowing these 3 basic aspects of your birth chart can help you understand yourself, how you interact at work, with friends, and in romantic relationship. This can help explain why we end up in the same situations again & again, or why people react to us in a certain way. You can use this information to your advantage, so why not?

There is so much more to Birth Chart than what we have covered today. CafeAstrology.com is a great place to go for insights & information if you’d like to dig deeper into your personal Astrology.

Have fun!!


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