Cleansing your crystals

Cleansing your crystals

After you obtain new crystals, it is important to cleanse them. In the time of their existence, they have absorbed all sorts of energy. Whether it be positive, negative or a mixture of both, you can and should cleanse and reprogram your crystal with your positive and loving energy. Some people expel the negative energies and choose to keep the positive, though I personally feel a fresh start is needed in the relationship between you and your crystal.

I cleanse my crystals upon receiving them, sometimes using more than one method. And over time and continued use, I cleanse the crystal again to rebirth it and allow different and fresh programming.

My go-to for cleansing my crystals is the Sun & Moon methods, and with each ceremony I will generally cleanse one or more of my crystals with sage.

  1. Full Moon cleansing                                                                                                                       Set up your crystals in a safe place to sit under the Full Moon light, ideally overnight, but if not possible, a short time is good as well. Sit with them for a moment while setting and sending the intention.
  2. Sun cleansing                                                                                                                                   Same as the Moon method, you can set up your crystal babies in Sun light to        cleanse. You can even leave them for a full 24 hours from the Full Moon light to the Sun light. Sit with them for a moment while setting and sending the intention.
  3. Sage cleansing                                                                                                                                   If you have used sage before for cleaning yourself or otherwise, this is no different. Light the sage smudge stick, take a moment to tune in while setting an intention. Cover the crystal fully in the thick, cleansing smoke of the sage, while verbally, or silently, asking the crystal be cleansed of all energy.
  4. Salt cleansing                                                                                                                                   Salt, like sage, is famous for it’s cleansing ability. Fill a bowl with sea salt, or Himalayan. Place your crystals in the salt, while setting your intention for them.
  5. Earth cleansing                                                                                                                            A less used method though, for me, this seems like an obviously effective method and makes sense, as the Earth renews all. Dig a small hole in the Earth at your chosen location, bury your crystals while setting your intention. Setting this intention can be singing a song to the crystals and the Earth surrounding.

When retrieving your crystals, from any method of cleansing, be sure to express gratitude to the Universe (or your own entity of choice) for the presence and attention to the cleansing.

Alternative methods of cleansing; water, visualization, prayer, reiki….

After you cleanse your crystals, this is the ideal time to program them with intention, even based on a particular use. Such as Amethyst for meditation with the intentional of astral travel or connecting to a higher power, Quartz for healing, or Obsidian for protection.

I’d love to hear about your favourite cleansing methods & even how & what you program your crystals! Comment below or send us an email!

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