Dealing with My Period

Dealing with My Period

Do you need to deal with your period? I used to. It was intense, painful, frustrating… I hated my uterus, I hated that women were stuck with this capability while men just walked around with relatively balanced hormones and never a worry if a human-being  was growing inside them.

This changed for me not so long a go.

Right now I am breathing through the cramping of my uterus walls, I am sending love to my body, I am accepting, understanding and resting while I allow my feminine divinity to cycle, transition, and be remarkable.

The first step to getting to a place of love with my body, my uterus and my period was knowing and understanding which days of my cycle I should be ready for accepting, understanding and resting.

Every women and every cycle is unique and individual, with a similarity that we can bond and relate to each other with. I talk a lot about my cycle, it’s one of the biggest focuses of my life. It isn’t hard or time-consuming, it soul healing, enlightening, and helps me to feel and be the powerful woman I am.

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I’ll break my cycle down into the 4 phases..

Phase 1 – Day 1 -5 – The Bleed

I used to never expect my bleed, making it a horrible surprise. But now I actually look forward to it. I know once I start bleeding I will feel a huge release of the tension built up during Phase 4, the PMS phase. I will feel more relaxed and at ease. I will naturally put up boundaries, I will spend my time alone feeding my soul with books, drawing, learning, watching tear-worthy movies, stretching my aching body and so much more.

Phase 2 – Day 6-14

The hormones start rushing back in and my body and mind remember what it feels like to be social, powerful, excited, and motivated. Every cycle of mine I experience Phase 2 like its the first time. I get excited at how good I feel and really take advantage of every drop of my hormones by getting out there, getting sh!t done.

Phase 3 – Day 14 – 23

Uh oh. This phase can be a little tricky for me sometimes. My sex hormones are raging and making demands. I make jokes about my uterus screaming at me to have babies. It really does feel this way though. I have sexual fantasies about everyone, anyone, everything and anything. I used to shame myself for thinking about another man or woman other than my partner. I used to shame myself for thinking outside the box and thinking up strange things I’d to try, and maybe even with a stranger. Finally in my thirties I am able to recognize that this is 100% natural and normal. I also learned how to take my sexual energies being built up and use them in other areas of life, such as enhancing my creativity, my authenticity, by coming up with new ideas and new solutions to my lifes challenges.

Phase  – Day 23 – 30

This month my cycle went up to 30 days, the usual is 26 days for me. About 7 days before I bleed I get one day of intense PMS. I can’t handle chewing sounds, people who dominate conversations, people coming into my personal bubble and more similar. Then I experience mild PMS until 2 days before my bleed. The two days before I bleed it feels like I have tense building up through every muscle in my body, I become extremely introverted and easily irritated. My brain starts scanning every area of life and the previous days to find moments of inauthenticities, where I didn’t let loose my true feelings. On top of these intense emotions rising up I am unable to enter into a deep sleep. I am able to rest but my brain is active and many times throughout the night I realize I am awake and thinking out or repeating thoughts in my mind.

Having this information has been invaluable to me. I have a deep understanding of how my body works. Obviously having this information means I’m not going to plan a networking event for Day 28, or plan social events for Day 3. What I am going to do to plan intimate time with my partner for Day 17, approach a potential business connection on Day 9, and take time off for Days 29,30, 1 and 2. This helps me to have the most effective month, experience the least amount of confusion, why am I so tired today?, and the least amount of shame, do I want to cheat on my partner?

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