Red & White Moon – Menstrual Cycles

Red & White Moon – Menstrual Cycles

Understanding your Sacred Menstruation

I have the pleasure of being connected to so many women & have them trust with questions about their menstrual cycles. On Instagram, I share almost daily about my own menstrual cycle, the Moon, & how they effect effect me. It’s my passion to share this knowledge with all women, to help them connect to themselves, their cycles, the cycles of Earth & Moon, & the ancient wisdom & practices the people of Earth so clearly need.

Here is a quick break down of the Red & White Moon Cycles

The mysteries of your body are intrinsically connected to the energy of the moon – a magical alliance. There are two main cycles uncovered by our ancestors. These cycles occur in combination of a woman’s menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon. Read the following to uncover the cycle your body most relates too. In your lifetime you will experience both cycles as your transition & your life & ambitions change.

The Red Moon Cycle

When a woman begins bleeding closest to the Full Moon & is fertile with the New Moon, she is on the Red Moon Cycle. The Red Moon Cycle is associated with the archetype of the Wise Woman. The Wise Woman was the shaman & the healer of her tribe. Her focus was not on motherhood but on the well-being of her tribe & passing on the ancient wisdom which was passed down to her. A woman who is on the Red Moon Cycle will experience a surge of energy mixed with anxiousness & tension during the Full Moon. This powerful energy can be honed in to empower her own creative endeavours. Meditation & stress-relieving techniques can be used to keep a level head during this powerful time. A woman, who is harnessing the energy of her Red Moon, is focused on self-actualization, building her empire, empowering women, & gaining wisdom through education.

The White Moon Cycle

When a woman begins bleeding nearest to the New Moon & is fertile during the Full Moon, she is on the White Moon Cycle. This follows the natural cycle of the Earth, being most fertile with the Full Moon &, similar to the Earth, ready to receive seed. This cycle is traditionally associated with the archetype of the Mother. The archetype of the Mother is not necessarily the literal Mother, though in some cases, with some women it is. Often, a woman on the White Moon Cycle feels the need to nurture. She may nurture a human baby, fur baby or create a nest within her home. She will have a surge of intuition with her bleed, feeling energetically tapped out with a need to withdraw, to reflect, & restore. The New Moon may zap some of her energy though by the Full Moon she will shine in full illumination with seemingly boundless energy, motivation, with love & support for everyone around her.

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