Review: The Smile of a Mountain Witch

Review: The Smile of a Mountain Witch
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I sat down this morning, not knowing quite what ahead of me. I grabbed my coffee, and glanced over to see my new book, Wild Women -Contemporary Short Stories by Women Celebrating Women.

I’d read a few short stories earlier in the week, and had be mildly amused. But The Smile of a Mountain Witch stuck me in a way which has only happened a small few times in my life.

It started out as any Witch tale, I always get slightly offended though knowing it is written by a woman I will commit to finishing it in hopes the Witch gets a “fair trial”. And by fair trial, I mean to imply that her story will be told honestly and from her perspective.

The story quickly takes a turn into the eyes view of young girl who can read the minds of everyone around her. As a young child, she does what any free and untainted spirit would do, and expressly herself and gifts freely. Soon she realizes that her Mother and society isn’t pleased with her expression or her talents and soon she retreats into a life and constant pleasing. Of her interpretation of what her husband, her children, and her community would like most of her and adheres to this as an exhausting lifestyle. Until she eventually finds a way to take her own life to please her “burdened” daughter.

What a life. Throughout reading this story, I could see my own life, my own mother, my community, and my partnerships with men. I became sad momentarily then empowered by the skill of the writer, “Ohba Minako”, to translate the life of a modern woman so amusingly though also cuttingly.

I would be so interested in hear a man reaction to this short story. I am tempted to send it my Father, the great chauvinistic in my life story, to have a insight into the workings of my own Mothers mind.

So on with my day I suppose. My coffee is finished and my society expectations are ahead of me.

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