The Maiden & Your Menstrual Cycle

The Maiden & Your Menstrual Cycle


You’ve hear of the basic archetypes for women, Maiden, Mother, Crone, which represent the sections Triple Moon symbol.                                                                                             triple-moon-1

These three sections of the Triple Moon speak about the ancient knowledge of the three phases of a womans’ life. But more recently a fourth phase has been added to more accurately reflect the phases of the womens, but also in relation with the menstrual cycle and even my beloved Moon Phases. These four phases are now known as, Maiden, Mother, Enchantress (or Maga), Crone. Each one corresponds with a phase of the Menstrual Cycle, The Moon, and a season. Each correspondence reflects another creating a Medicine Circle. This will be discussed in a later Blog Post with a downloadable PDF of the Medicine Circle for your reference.

Today I want to talk about the phase of the Maiden in your Menstrual Cycle. I am currently about exit this phase & arrive in the Mother phase.

If your cycle begins on the day you begin bleeding, being Day 1, then the Maiden phase would begin somewhere between Day 3 & 7. This will be different for different females & different bodies. My Maiden phase begins on Day 3, the day my body receives charging hormones.

Maiden – Pre-Ovulation – Crescent Moon – Spring

Think back to your last Maiden phase, when the darkness of your PreMenstrual  & Bleed faded away, hope was renewed, energy filled you, & you had a desire to return to the outer world. You felt sexy, flirty, motivated, energized, confident, & in control.

If you follow the Moon phases you will this time brings about the same feelings. It’s a time to start fresh, make intentions & wishes, make plans to grow, connect with those around you that fill you with a love for life.

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And then there is Spring. When the sun returns to open the blooms, releasing enchanting scents, making the Earth our playground, & in turn giving us the motivation & energy to get into the world & play our part.


Starting to see a common theme? So who is the Maiden? She is young & beautiful, full of life with everything ahead of her. She is getting to know herself, claiming her sexuality, finding her balanced ego. She is fun, flirty, carefree but with her eye on the ball.

These are the feeling & emotions we embody with every cycle our body goes through, reflecting the phases of the womb, the Earth, & the Moon. We are woman. We are the Earth.

🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕


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