Full Moon in Libra Ceremony

Hello MoonLovers!!

This months Full Moon sits in Libra. Librans, such as myself, are responsible for instigating, irritating, & generally demanding justice, fairness, truth, & authenticity from the world around them. It’s not always easy to be a Libra, & it is always necessary to pick your battles & know when to step in for yourself or another.
This Ceremony asks for reflection in to 2 weeks coming up to this Full Moon.       
Be prepared to dig deep.
Full Moon In Libra
In the next 24 hours I will posting a Giveaway for a Mahina Menstrual Cup. If you do not have one and/or have never had/used one, please get on there & participate. Collecting your menstrual blood leads to self-worth, human evolution & spiritual growth.
Two weeks ago I released a masterpiece! Blood Power – Tracking & Living the Intentional Cycle. It is my lifes work to learn & share ancient feminine practices in the ultimate goal of returning women to an equal status on Earth. The more we educate ourselves, empower ourselves & others, the more powerful we become.
Whether you choose to be an amazing stay-at-home mother, a corporate ladder climber, or an Instagram model, make sure all the women of the future had the opportunity to decide & thrive.

This is a powerful workbook, where I have accumulated the Biological & Spiritual Knowledge of the Menstrual Cycle & it’s divine power. You will learn about everything menstruation, & learn how to track your own cycle. It even includes a 12 week Menstruation Planner WITH Moon Phase Tracking as an option.
As always, thank you for your support & participation in the rising of the Women & the Witches.

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