Living By The Moon – Video Course is Live!

The Moon Video Course, Living By The Moon, is officially out! Can’t make it to my live workshops? Don’t feel inspired by learning via reading?

This course engages you every step of the way! You will learn everything Moon, Phases, Energetics, the human connection, the womb-an connection,


You receive my, Working with The Moon – Phase Reflections Guide, FREE with the course.

Udemy keeps their courses very affordable. If there isn’t a sale currently on Udemy, let me know and I will give you a coupon code for the sale price!

Living by the Moon isn’t just a nice saying, it’s the real deal when it comes to self development, business planning, manifesting, gratitude, healing, releasing….

Learn about each phase, visually & energetically. Understand Waxing & Waning. How the Moons appearance changes in different hemispheres. How to use the phases to set & achieve goals. Includes the ‘Working with The Moon – Phase Reflections’ Moon guide, including ceremonies for New & Full Moon Lunations.




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