New Moon in Leo

Hey MoonLovers,

Here we are again at an exciting New Moon, especially with Mercury getting back into Universal harmony and alignment. Thank freakin’ Goddess for that!
Attached is a basic New Moon Ceremony, plus a Leo specific download of advice for the Leo Season, plus for the New Moon Ceremony.
New Moon in Leo
My Special for this Lunation is unlike any before. I’ve put my 3 Workbooks in package at a big discount. Only $15 for all 3.
med_res (2).jpg
These 3 Guides / Workbooks bring you so much knowledge. Taking you in a full circle journey of Feminine Knowledge. ⁠I consider these the base of female spirituality, womancraft and witchcraft. Each guide offers a different aspect of the divinity to be woman.⁠ Start with The Womans Medicine Circle to give you a clear view of how women are connected to every aspect of the Moon & Earth, then use the following 2, simultaneously, to feel into your unique cycle & the incredible cycle of the Moon. ⁠You won’t be the same after gaining this knowledge, in the best possible way.
Love you MoonLovers,

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