Full Moon in Aquarius

Hello MoonLovers,
This is a special Moon for me. I have been separated from my best friends for 12 months and soon will be reunited, and I could not be more tearfully excited to embrace the friends that always told me I am enough.
The Full Moon in Aquarius, in a very general way, shows us in small miracles, that change is coming soon. This is definitely true for me, and I am sure you can resonate as well.
Attached is a Full Moon Ceremony to embrace friends, change, and release.
Full Moon in Aquarius.jpg
I have 2 Specials to include with this Lunation…
The 1st. With each sign up to the Living By The Moon video course on Udemy, you receive One Complimentary Palm Reading, which you can Gift to a friend or use for yourself. Simply sign up for the course, using Coupon Code, MOONMAGIC , to receive at a discount, and email to let me know.
The 2nd. Have you heard of Patreon? I recently discovered Patreon and am excited to begin sharing Memberships. Please have a look. My goal is to increase my income to a modest level in which I will not need to seek employment. I would very much appreciate your support. Sign Up Here
These, $5 per month, memberships include a depthy look & specific advice & activities for each Lunation, New & Full Moons, special Patreon only video workshops, Astrology Updates, Plus Bigger & Better Ceremonies & Rituals of all kinds. PLUS, a $10 per month Membership including the above & a personalized 3-Card Reading every month!
Enjoy this Full Moon, MoonLovers

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