The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – The Pill

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Click the Link above to download this Tell-All about the Pill.

By Lexy – The Wellness Witch in collaboration w/ WildMoonSacredCycles

Hi All,

Attached is the PDF made by Lexy – The Wellness Witch in collaboration with me!
This is such important information to know.
Along with this Complimentary Info PDF, I am offering 50% off the digital of my Planner, the Sacred Cycles Planner.
This Planner is 6 months of Fill-In Dates to track your Cycle along with the Lunar Cycle. The advantage to the Fill-In Dates is that you can
track your Menstruation for 2 months, Create the Blueprint, use that to your full advantage, and then when something changes in your Cycle,
you can track again for 2 months in the same Planner!
The Sacred Cycles Planner is a daily agenda made specifically for woman to learn about ancient practices of the menstrual cycle in union with the moon. This planner engages you and teaches you about about yourself and so much more. Start this Planner at any time.
Any questions? And don’t forget to follow Lexy – The Wellness Witch on Instagram.

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