Full Moon in Sagittarius – Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Sagittarius – Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon, Earth and Sun are lined up perfectly, blocking the Suns light from reaching the Moon, creating a rose-coloured Full Moon, is this cycles Full Moon. And what a time for it. A Full Moon gives us the opportunity for transformation every cycle, and with the alignment of a Lunar Eclipse, we are witnessing the transformation of society,and we are all a part of this evolution.

This, the Priests’ Moon, and Lunar Eclipse, we take the time to think deeply about what we truly believe in, and then we question those beliefs with an open mind. We question these beliefs to ensure they are not stagnant. Similar to when you have told a story so many times, it becomes dry, rigid, and you no longer connect with it, though continue to share it.
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