The Womans Medicine Circle

The Womans Medicine Circle

My newest & most important release…



The Womans Medicine Circle is an engaging workbook to help truly absorb and understanding the complexities and importance of being a woman. And not only a woman, but an empowered, proud woman, unafraid of her body, her femininity & her menstruation.

I’ve created this workbook to engage you in the understanding, as opposed to simply reading and attempting to retain information. By memorizing the elements and placement of the Womans Medicine Circle you will be able to use the knowledge you have retained and share it with those around you.

The Womans Medicine Circle is literally a circle, drawing together and showing the connection between the life phases of a Woman, her menstrual cycle, the Earths seasons, the Moons phases and cycle & more.

“In order to take our true place as equal on this Earth we must first value and understand ourselves above all else. The Daughter, the Mother, the Wife, all must come in second to self.

” When your cup is full and overflowing, everything around you will benefit. But pouring from an empty cup into the world drains us all. “
 – The Womans Medicine Circle

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