The Priestess’s Moon – Full Moon in Scorpio

This is an important Moon, if not the most important Moon for women.

Be in nature & bathe in the Moonlight.


Whether you know it, or want to believe it, you are a Witch, you are a Keeper, a Shaman, & would-be Priestess. You can step into your Priestesshood as soon as you embrace yourself. Understanding the light and dark in yourself is understanding the light and dark in those around you, in the Earth, the Moon, the Universe, and all that exists. Emerge with & embrace this duality and become a Priestess of the Mysteries, your birthright as a woman.

The mysteries are the long suppressed and forgotten secrets of the Woman, the Moon, Menstrual Blood, & the Earth as Mother. The mysteries are the duality of man and woman, masculine and feminine, Heaven and Earth, & Upper and Lower Worlds.

You are a living encyclopedia of this knowledge, and the study of yourself is study of the Priestess.

This Full Moon is your recognition from the Universe, the Moon, and Mother Nature. If you choose to walk in the Moonlight this Full Moon, you are initiated into your Priestesshood: The Keeper of Secrets.

Our mission as Priestess’s of Earth & Moon is to share our secrets without fear, remind the feminine, in men and women, of all that has been forgotten and suppressed. No longer will we stand and watch the degradation of woman and womb.

the priestess's moon


Alicia – Wild Moon Sacred Cycles

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