The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase 4 – Day 21 – 28

The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase 4 – Day 21 – 28

The 4th Phase – PMS

The fourth phase feels similar to the third phase, though the body slows the release of estrogen and testosterone and begins producing progesterone. Progesterone is a wonderful anti-anxiety hormone which helps the body wind down after days of excitement and high energy.

Phase Four starts with feelings of calmness and gratitude, making it a great time to nest, reorganize the home, build a sacred space for journaling and meditation, and take care of to-do lists from the comfort of home.

Then comes a transition into the symptoms of PMS. Food cravings and bloating is felt as the body starts to retain water. Headaches, irritation and anxiety are common, and can increase with age.

This is a time to avoid confrontation with a partner, family members, friends and co-workers. Hormones are at an all time high. Be kind to your body in this time. No need to be cruel to it for bloating, it’s part of a natural process.

Love your body and you will feel the benefits tenfold.These symptoms will subside as the new cycle approaches. And lastly, have your remedies for your premenstrual symptoms: pain killers, comfort foods, teas, and essential oils.

The Fourth Phase lasts between 5-8 days.

Symptoms associated with the Fourth Phase: lack of digestion, bloated, mood swings unexpected expressions of emotion (crying, out bursts etc), high sex drive, excessive discharge.

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