The Priestess’s Moon – Full Moon in Scorpio

This is an important Moon, if not the most important Moon for women. Be in nature & bathe in the Moonlight. Whether you know it, or want to believe it, you are a Witch, you are a Keeper, a Shaman, & would-be Priestess. You can step into your Priestesshood as soon as you embrace yourself.… Continue reading The Priestess’s Moon – Full Moon in Scorpio

Review of Witch by Lisa Lister

I can sum up how I feel about this book in a short sentence, "it's basic but perfect". I was browsing Audible for empowering books for women & witches. There is a lot of crap out there so shopping for a book takes time. It took me a week of browsing & processing to decide… Continue reading Review of Witch by Lisa Lister

Tea Leaf & Palmistry – My Apprenticeship

Amazing news for me! Yesterday I secured an Apprenticeship / Internship with Kate Denning of The Spiritual Realm. Among many talents, Kate is an expert Tea Leaf & Palm Reader & a modern day Mystic. I will be studying Tea Leaf & Palmistry under Kate, as well as supporting her with upcoming book, The A-Z… Continue reading Tea Leaf & Palmistry – My Apprenticeship