The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.

The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.

PMS is often the dreaded phase of the menstrual cycle because of the mood swings, low energy, headaches & a plethora of other less than desirable symptoms. PMS is overlooked, as women, “just try to get through it” without giving “Her” the attention she is demanding.

As contributing members of society, it is very hard, if not impossible, to take time off when PMS & menstruation hit, especially if you weren’t expecting or prepared for it. In a perfect, & hopefully future, world we would be able to take this time to rest & listen to what our bodies, our Crone, our inner cranky, old woman, who doesn’t want to put up with “this” shit anymore, actually has to say whilst resting & engaging in only self-care.

Who is this Crone?

When you think of a Crone, you see in your minds eye a wrinkly old woman. Shes grumpy & bitchy, snapping at everything & everyone around her. You may think you don’t need her & would rather stay in the Maiden & Mother all month, every month, but you do need her. If you continue not to listen to what she is telling you, her cranky, aching body, sagging skin, scowling nature will begin to overflow into the Maiden & the Mother archetypal phases of your cycle. If you ignore her, she will become your everyday archetype instead what can be luxury, induced rest each cycle. What is she saying? She has lots of big & small complaints about lack of rest, your partner taking you for granted, giving yourself away at work & not asking for what you deserve, your friend taking advantage of you emotionally & financially, the unfinished business you tried to bury but know will bug you until you express yourself fully. She knows about all of it! She is going to push you, yell at you, show you through repetitive & obsessive thoughts these issues you have been avoiding throughout your cycle & maybe for many cycles.

Respect the Elder within you, Sit down & listen up.

She is asking for physical & emotional rest. She is asking for introversion & introspection. She is asking for review & processing. She is asking for love, not from a partner or friend, but from you. You are the only one she wants & needs love from. When she receives these essentials, she will calm her spirit, her complaints will drop away & she will reward you with self respect, motivation, groundedness, & a plan to get what you want from life.

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