Sacred Menstruation

The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase One – Day 1 – 7

Day One of the menstrual cycle is the first day of the bleed - not spotting, but the full-on flow. This is when the uterus begins to contract to shed its lining, much like a beautiful serpent sheds its skin. This is the necessary process which is the cause of menstrual cramps. During bleed week,… Continue reading The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase One – Day 1 – 7

Sacred Menstruation

Why track your Cycle?

Tracking your cycle can be important to every woman for a different reason. You may not know specifically what your reason is or how tracking your cycle may help you but you want find out. The list below might give you clues as to how tracking your cycle can enhance your life. Self Love. -… Continue reading Why track your Cycle?

Sacred Menstruation

The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.

PMS is often the dreaded phase of the menstrual cycle because of the mood swings, low energy, headaches & a plethora of other less than desirable symptoms. PMS is overlooked, as women, "just try to get through it" without giving "Her" the attention she is demanding. As contributing members of society, it is very hard,… Continue reading The Spiritual Reason for P.M.S.

Sacred Menstruation

The Power of being a Wom(b)an

Throughout the reign of the patriarchy and the systematic repression of woman, we have forgotten the magic & power of what we are. We hold, inside our bodies, the power to create life. In order to have this life-giving power, we must go through a death & rebirth cycle 13 times per solar-calendar year, sometimes… Continue reading The Power of being a Wom(b)an

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Sacred Menstruation – Reclaiming Your Cycle

The brilliance which occurs in a woman's life when she begins to pay attention to her cycle, & to herself, is vast and profound. By simply tracking your cycles' symptoms confusion will begin dropping from your life. No more surprises, you are in control & prepared for the easily monitored & cyclical hormonal changes within… Continue reading Sacred Menstruation – Reclaiming Your Cycle