The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase One – Day 1 – 7

The Biology of Your Cycle – Phase One – Day 1 – 7

Day One of the menstrual cycle is the first day of the bleed – not spotting, but the full-on flow. This is when the uterus begins to contract to shed its lining, much like a beautiful serpent sheds its skin. This is the necessary process which is the cause of menstrual cramps.

During bleed week, energy levels will be at the lowest in the cycle. It is common to desire alone time and comfort in food and home as the mind, body and spirit will be feeling withdrawn and tired.

For some women, day one will be an ideal day to take time off of work, retreat from personal life and reconnect with self by listening to the wisdom of the body. Cancel any big events or important meetings you’d rather feel your at your best for, have a herbal epsom bath, and process and reflect on the month passed, as well as dream up goals and intentions for the upcoming cycle.

If it’s not possible to rest and rejuvenate during this time, engaging in a breathing or meditation practice can help to stay centered, grounded, and feeling up to the challenge. Be gentle with yourself in every way possible during this phase. This is the time to practice self love & kindness.

The first phase is generally between 3-7 days depending on how long your cycle is. When bleeding halts, the body moves into the second phase.

Symptoms associated with the First Phase: poor digestion, chaotic sleep patterns, water retention, repetitive/obsession/negative thoughts, anxiousness, sensitivity, irritability, painful cramps, lack of appetite, overactive appetite, bloated.


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